Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What The Sol

If you grew up in North America in the last half century you probably owned a gang of them. Hot Wheels cars. 1:64 scale models of your favorite automobiles. As a youngster myself, I recall owning the Dukes of Hazzard special, a mini of my father's 69 Mustang Mach 1, and even a Vette or two. We did everything from race, to re-paint, to simply demolishing them in any manner possible. You can do that with Hot Wheels. Their pricepoint was low enough to keep your mom re-stocking you for years.
Now, I highly doubt that Mattel, the parent company who owns the Hot Wheels brand will want you to do the same with their 40th Anniversary Diamond Encrusted Car, unveiled at this season's NY Toy Fair.
Designed in collaboration with Jason of Beverly Hills and racking in at around 140k$US, this one of a kind mini car boasts 2700 diamonds, 18 karat gold casting, red rubies for taillights, black diamonds in the engine, and 40 individual white diamonds signifying its 40 year legacy... they probably would have tossed on some more but I think they ran out of room. Hell, its only 1:64 scale!
A boyhood dream come true.

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