Thursday, March 20, 2008

What in your Jeans

Denim’s role as a fashion darling is somewhat bittersweet. On one hand, jeans have been accepted into the world as an integral part of women and men’s daily wardrobe and no longer viewed as the working man’s uniform. Great. The other side to this is a hefty price tag that shows no signs of relenting. Especially because jean buyers are now bewitched with the way the right jean can look and make you feel.Jessica Horton, owner of Dara Denim, is in the business of peddling premium denim.Horton, a petite red head who happens to be wearing a pair of form fitted J Brand Jeans in a bell-bottom cut opened her first store on K Street in midtown Sacramento.Her new store in Granite Bay’s upscale Quarry Ponds is twice the size of the midtown location and it has an impressive denim wall stacked with all the name-dropping jean brands you can think of: True Religion, Rock and Republic and the latest DVB, Denim by Victoria Beckham.“Jeans have changed,” says Horton. “They have become more acceptable to wear anywhere and even guys are really getting into them. It’s funny to have guys come in here and they are checking out their butts.”Horton and her staff help guide people toward the right jean for them, which isn’t always the name brand jean they read about in a magazine or saw on someone else.“People need to get measured, because not everyone can wear the same jean,” explains Horton. “It’s about proper fit. And it’s good to have someone else look at you, because it’s really hard to see yourself.”Horton names the boutique’s top five best-selling jeans, check them out:
Red Engine: The No. 1 “Go-To” jean at Dara Denim is the Los Angeles made Red Engine Jean company that creates vintage-inspired denim. “These are all-around a good jean. You can be a size 2 or a size 14 and it will look great,” says Horton. Price: $160-$180
DVB: Denim by Victoria Beckham: England’s gift to American pop culture has created a denim line that is finding a surge of popularity in the Sacramento area. Whether it’s her signature boot cut, a form fitting skinny jean or a washed straight leg, all of jeans come with her signature emblem. “It’s a sexy fit and super fun with the stars on the pocket’s,” Horton says. Price: $250 and up
Miss Me: In a world of $200 jeans, Miss Me is the “affordable” jean coming in with an $80 price tag. The Miss Me jean is a hot seller amongst juniors whose parents aren’t interested in dropping $200 for their teenagers who wear clothes out quicker, says Horton.
William Rast: Justin Timberlake is a dancer, singer, performer, former Mouseketeer and Britney Spears beau. But he is also a denim designer along with partner and friend Trace Ayala in the creation of William Rast. The sleek and form fitting jean can be seen on celebutante’s on the red carpet, but also on Sacramento locals who are catching the buzz. “The fit on these are awesome,” says Horton, who can’t stock these jeans fast enough. “People buy them and love them.” Price: $242 and up.
J Brand: Another Los Angeles based denim brand that started as an exclusive line at Ron Herman’s Melrose jeans bar in the spring of 2005. Known for its skinny jean, but in the last year have introduced a fun wide-leg style popular at Dara Denim. $174 and up

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