Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weezy F Baby

No Need To Speak............... Cut the Check

The New State Of Hip Hop

A Picture Speak louder than words............................................................

To The Window To the Wall

This mural was 52ft long, 12ft high, on a curved wall, and in a narrow hallway. This project couldn't have been done without the assistance of legendary artist Gilbert Young. Special thanks to The Adrian Franks and all the staff at 22 Squared

Get That Cake

I know we are a lil late for posting this but everyone should go into the itunes store now and show support. The Bake Sale is the much anticipated album from The Cool Kids that has been anticipated for over a year.

We Iluminate The Night

The Official “Glow In The Dark” After-Party Friday after the show was cool with a lot of familiar faces Malik Yusef, Mikey Rocks, Vic Lloyd, Timbuck2, V.Dot, Cliff(Self Conscious), Sam Young(Canadian Football), Happy(G.O.O.D. Music/Hustle.), Shannon Sangster, Dave Jeff, Dante(Fashion Firm), Zo (Fashion Geek) Stay Tuned for the Video from this weekend, Chicago Stand Up!

Friday, May 30, 2008


This right here is crazy. This is the type of Nas that puts him ahead of Jay. This song is amazing from production to the lyrics! If you can’t feel this you might not have a soul. Oh yeah, his album will be titled NAS and not NIGGER. It’s been changed.

It is All about the Jeans

Denim fans and in particular fans of genuine repro denim will be excited to hear of the launch of "Levi's Oldest Oldest Jean Pack", Hanon Shop have a pre-order available on the pack, set to drop in July at a price of just over USD800. The pack is made up of an Exact replica of a 133 year old jean, the oldest known, found in a Nevada mining town, Made of 9-ounce denim, details include shank buttons, patented rivets, single-needle arcuate, cinch-back and four pockets. With an old school bag pack and Sunset Tee. More details here. (Slamxhype)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Style Never Getz Old

While it often seems impossible to make money in the fashion business, Forbes magazine has shown us otherwise. their recent issue profiled several fashion billionaires, including Bernard Arnault (25B), Francois Pinault ($17B), And Ralph Lauren, pictured here, (a mere $4B). "While you know the brands, the designers and the supermodels, chances are, you've never heard of the people actually running the show. Despite bankrolling the tastes of millions--and making billions doing so--their names remain largely unknown," the article says, Watch the Video: The Stylish Billionaire. ( Forbes/ JC Report)

Streetwear 101

Green" fashion has been getting lots of press lately, but what about "ethical" fashion? We all talk about how fun it is to find great style at a price, but we rarely consider what it takes to make the disposable fashion we all buy. The BBC sent 6 fashionistas to India to experience working in the rag trade. These poor kids have to pick cotton, work and sleep in a factory, and witness all the aspects of making High Street fashion. Their experiences are shocking. Watch the series, called Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts here. It's quite eye opening.

Style Is Everything

Online fashion retailer has just launched "The Tailor," their new mens online shop dedicated to filling the needs of a more "sophisticated" gentleman. "“The Tailor is designed to be a resource for the man who has a keen sense of style and takes pride in his appearance, but doesn’t take himself too seriously,” said Bluefly CEO Melissa Payner. “Visitors to the site will find The Tailor to be authoritative, not pretentious. They’ll walk away feeling like an insider on how to shop for a sharp tailored look without setting foot into a store.” Visitors should expect the usual fine array of mens suits,shoes, ties, and accessories. (via HauteConcept/Selectism)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can't Stop the Crooks

Love these joints they give me that old 80 feel............You are about to see more streetwear brands get into sunglasses. They will be trying to give you another option other than the Gucci or Prada frames. I have never been real big on sunglasses but I know a lot of you are. Jay-Z has been spotted rocking his. So that might mean a boost in sales!

L.E.P Doing Big Thingz

I much say Chi-town is really making this music thing happen. These are some of my guys. Be on the look out for the new album Low Low in the building.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chi-Town forever

Much love to my catz from Leaders they are always doing big thingz........... Much love to my boys Mic&Vic doing big thingz............ I see the grammies in the Future be eazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy................ Ok ok you thought i forgot about the super producer Mr Tony Bang i see u boy

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Get Your Fresh To Def On

Sometime it's not about how many pairs of shoes you have in your closet, but what type of shoes you have................These velvet slippers may look like the ultimate in WASP style, but trust us—once you get your preppy/trad look on, you’re gonna want a pair of these … These are made by Bowhill & Elliott, a british company which was established at 65 London Street, Norwich over 125 years ago. The founder of Bowhill & Elliott, Obadiah Bowhill, purchased the business from Wright & Co. in 1874. The business passed onto his son and son-in-law, Thomas Baines Elliott, at the end of the nineteenth century. Thus the partnership of Bowhill & Elliott was formed. And the family connection continues into this new century under the direction of Roger Jury, descendant of Mr. Elliott. The company has a shop from which it retails a large selection of ladies and men’s shoes including the following brands, Crockett & Jones, Grenson, Church, Cheaney, Barkers, Loake, Dexter, Mephisto, Carcavelos, HB Shoes, Gabor, Peter Kaiser, Lorbac and Rockport. At the same location there is a small factory where Bowhill and Elliott manufactures slippers and houseshoes and specializes in producing hand embroidered velvet houseshoes and making up tapestry, needlepoint or fabric into houseshoes. This is the ultimate in old world luxury. What do you think about them? Leave a comment!

The Original Kick Push

This dude is the reason why i started skating.We miss Harold Hunter. Always with a smile on his face, Harold always made us smile. When the skater-turned Kids star turned- Zoo York poster child passed away suddenly in 2006, the skate world was shocked. But his memory won't be forgotten. As SlamxHype reported, Zoo York have teamed up with New Era, along with the Harold Hunter Foundation and KCDC Skateshop to announce that the 2nd Annual Harold Hunter Day will take place Saturday, May 17th, in New York City. Harold Hunter Day II will unite NYC’s skateboarding community and surrounding scene for a positive day of skating in recognition of the vibrant life and times of New York legend, Harold Hunter. An extraordinary personality with a caring heart, Harold touched the lives of countless people around the world."

Never Follow

For those who didn’t get a hat we have some shirts…they come in 4 different colorways…cop one before they are gone. Read more

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not My Sneakers

Nothing like the common sneaker brand, Creative Recreation looks towards runways and high fashion around the world for inspiration. Launched in Orange County, California in 2002, Creative Recreation sought to fill a void within the footwear market.

To co-founders, Robert Nand and Rich Cofinco, there was a clear gap between unsightly athletic sneakers and stuffy dress shoes, thinking that it had been a virtually untouched market. The gap was so grand that they didn’t even feel the need to define a particular demographic. “We … (more…)