Thursday, March 27, 2008

Savior Style

The rise of bespoke products is a clear movement which has risen to the increasing perception that some luxury brands are increasingly interested in marketing rather than quality . American tailors - notably Thom Browne, and Tom Ford - have built powerful new brands on the power of bespoke. And now other categories are getting in on the action. Bespoke perfumes have been on the rise for several years, and continue to grow in strength: Bespoke perfume (and cologne, for men) is one of the ridiculous luxuries of a certain self-absorbed demographic, with the likes of Chanel and Cartier charging as much as €60,000 for the privilege of having a nose find your perfect scent. — (Via GridSkipper) While Sir Hand Sloane offers bespoke chocolates: The $2,400 tailor-made package includes tasting consultations, a handmade rosewood-and-maple inlaid box containing 60 customized chocolates, and a backup box of another 60. — (Via Time)...

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