Sunday, October 21, 2007

“We know Dope?”

In recent events we have noticed that more and more athletes have been caught using steroids. What happened to having your hard work pay off? I can’t feel sorry for the repercussions they face. I know in this industry it is very competitive to be the best, this is even true fashion. Why cry now when you have been caught? You weren’t crying when you were winning or at the top of your game.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lost Children

When will it stop? Children killing children I never would have thought there would come a day when children would be bringing guns to school. When I was a child the most I heard of youth violence was a fight. This has to stop we have the power as designers, rappers, and musicians to make a stand and change. How many more children have to die before we take the guns off the street?Everyday we lose the battle in this City of Gods.

Money money Money

Is it all about the money? What happened to true creative people...When we didn’t care about the dollar amount it was about the expression. It is true we all have to eat and live but at what cost will you sell your Sol for the status. I challenge you to look in the mirror and say that money doesn’t run me that I will stay creative and move people or just have us do it...SaviorSol

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Up Up and away

SaviorSol are urban crime-fighters that have come to protect the consumer from evildoers. SaviorSol doesn't make trends, it escapes them. It’s immune to wack companies that try to feed America's youth rubbish. The campaign is in your face and SaviorSol will not be stopped…So don't be fooled. Saviorsol is run by a renegade group of marauders that will come in the night and rid urban Americans of the Fashion lame and stop the evil industries. So stand up or die you know who you are.


A successful brand must permeate the core of its target consumer’s lifestyle. Savior Sol is a collectible clothing line and lifestyle brand created for fashion enthusiasts and consumers who possess an artistic edge. The line will tastefully incorporate various logos and graphics in a manner that doesn’t give the consumer the feeling that they are wearing a promotional item, but rather a progressive, cutting edge brand. Savior Sol will establish and enhance it’s relevancy in popular culture and embed the brand in cultural spheres in a way that is irreversible and lasting. By blending the concepts of collectible clothing with underground art culture Savior Sol a line of clothes that targets its core demographic as well as appeal to a broad range of people such as downtown hipsters and to mainstream youth.