Saturday, October 13, 2007

Up Up and away

SaviorSol are urban crime-fighters that have come to protect the consumer from evildoers. SaviorSol doesn't make trends, it escapes them. It’s immune to wack companies that try to feed America's youth rubbish. The campaign is in your face and SaviorSol will not be stopped…So don't be fooled. Saviorsol is run by a renegade group of marauders that will come in the night and rid urban Americans of the Fashion lame and stop the evil industries. So stand up or die you know who you are.

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Ms. Sisco said...

I agree! Urban life is so commercial. The mind of today's youth have never experienced the wonders and greatness of their own imagination. They are content with the status quo and are suffering from the simple over used trendz that are force fed to them. Whether it is music (true hip hop has meaning, not just a wicked drum line), television (can I get a show that has depth?), or media (these kids really do believe the hype!) What better way to reach those lazy minded people (who'd rather have everyone...anyone think for them) than by reconfigurating how they perceive themselves on the outside [fasion] to effect who and how they are on the inside. With that you can really say: SaviorSol paved the way to change.