Saturday, June 28, 2008

If You Like Cupcakes

This Dude here is one of my favorite people to read about. I just love the way he grew his brand and the following he has. It's always cool to have the opportunity to see people that have done it. It give you hope that you to one day can have the same thing. So now you can read about him to. I know it is long but hey it is a a good read...............

Customers like and appreciate the story behind my brand. I started this as a joke, from the trunk of my beat up 89' Toyota Camry; a college drop out — drug and alcohol-free lifestyle — turned down a lot of investors — Took countless risks — kept my shirts out of heaps of chain stores. Yeah, I could of made a TON of money real quick, but I chose quality over quantity.

I'd rather have a strong brand filled with knowledgeable customers who truly enjoy and appreciate what I've created instead of making a quick buck trying to get my shirts in chain stores across the world — being just another fad. People like what nobody else has, and I love coming out with limited edition, exclusive shirts - rather than mass producing things. I communicate with my customers(I wouldn't be here without them!) I build memorable experiences for my customers... whether it be an in-store event, or the packaging and details I put into everything. Most companies try to cut as many corners as they can, to turn a better profit. I do the exact opposite and pay close attention to all the little things. I've managed to build a multi-million dollar, strong, fun, different, homegrown business - without going your typical route. I've managed to employ both of my parents, my sister, and all of my close friends - so that they don't have to work jobs they don't enjoy.

With the huge, international, cult following that has developed from my non traditional way of going about business, you'll see hundreds of dedicated people in line at my releases. Even heaps of people with Johnny Cupcakes' tattoos. Most of my customers are repeat customers. Every type of person collects, understands, and appreciates my brand: Fashionable people, college kids, artsy kids, thugs, indie rockers, skaters, young adults, sneaker heads, and more.

This all didn't happen over night, I didn't get lucky with some random idea, I got off my bum and did something with myself.

My name is Johnny and I make clothes with cupcakes on em. Have you had your cupcake today?

Growing up as a kid, I'd always notice my mom being stressed/bummed out about her 9-5 job. Ever since, I've been coming up with little ways to work for myself. Lemonade stands to yard sales, magic tricks at kids birthday parties to selling tricks/pranks in high school.

I used to be a class clown. I'd buy & collect so many pranks from this one joke shop - that the owner gave me a catalog of where I can purchase these from, wholesale. I'd buy whoopie cushions, trick candy, and itching powder in bulk, to make little 'prank packs'.

I'd then sell these prank packs to the kids at my high school. One day I sold itching powder to this kid Dan, who put it all down his friends back. Turned out his friend was highly allergic to what's inside itching powder. His back swelled up with hives and he was rushed to the emergency room. I almost got kicked out of high school.

After returning back from my suspension, I decided to sell something else... (get your mind out of the gutter!) .. candy is what my new hobby was.

I'd take trips to Costco's, BJ's, and Walmart to buy candy in bulk. After being the candy man for a little while, my high school almost got me in trouble again, for selling far more candy than the school store did (the school stores profits went into school functions, etc.)

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