Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stay In between The lines

April 11th marked an impressive debut for the brand new Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City. While the private party drew a host of recognizable artists, including Futura, Kaws, Stash, Mark Dean Veca, and Ron English, a pinstripe laden Mr. Liner stood out as the true star of the evening. The aptly titled inaugural exhibit, Locked and Loaded, proves that Liner, (former co-owner of Philadelphia’s Lineage Gallery) has his sights set and aims to be a contender in the the NYC art scene. Indeed the show drew upon an array of heavy ammunition with English, Veca, Futura, Stash, Aiko Nakagawa, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Josh Keyes, Greg Simkins, Damon Soule, Oliver Vernon, and Kris Kuksi all taking part - many displaying large-scale works. With several of the 27 participating artists scheduled for solo shows in the coming months, Liner’s target doesn’t seem to far off. See the full exhibition at the gallery web site, (Guillotine)
Joshua Liner Gallery 548 W. 28th Street Suite 334, NYC.

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